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February 05, 2018     Daily Post

Their favorite testimonial

Do you have a junk-drawer full of ebooks, courses, and products?

To solve hard problems, teams often rightfully employ the processes and systems of others. Often good systems, too, but with mixed-to-no results.

Let’s talk about the next time you decide to download a PDF or buy a product. Consider doing so while affirming this as a team:</p>

“We’re going to become their favorite testimonial” – your team What does this mean?

  • You did everything it said and got the result. Most businesses wish people would do half the things they ask them to. “Seeing it through”–and creating a fantastic win for your team–thrills any provider.
  • You found the holes and showed them. Most customers/clients barely scratch the surface of what a product or service can do and, if they do, they’d never share a way to improve it. Utilizing their work so fully that you found the holes–and shared them–asserts to your team that you got every ounce of value out of it.

If you resolve to become everybody’s favorite testimonial, how would that influence how you approach your next opt-in or purchase? How would it affect how much value you get out of every activity?