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June 22, 2019     Daily Post

Is Your Business Like A Bad Book?

Ever bought a book that has a great message, but is painful to read?

Sometimes, that’s how sustainable and cause-driven companies behave in the marketplace. We just don’t notice it in ourselves.

I struggle to not finish a book, even if it’s a chore to read. I want the insights, the lessons, the takeaways, even if it takes some chewing to digest. But in the market, customers and prospects aren’t prepared to chew. They need your message spoon-fed to them with melts-in-the-mouth delivery.

They were trained that way by the marketplace. They were taught that things should be easier, more convenient. Those are the rules of play.

If your work is great, but your message is average, you will serve people well but get only average results. You’ll be a secret, and advertising won’t help you. Perhaps you’ve been in this spot, where you’re wondering why the world can’t understand how great you are. It’s not their fault, it’s yours.

If your work is poor, but your message is great, you will harness the market’s attention, but you won’t deserve it. You’ll sever relationships as fast as you make them.

If your work is great, and your message is great, you’ve the foundations for transformation: in the lives of those in your care, and in the areas you’ve elected to make an impact in.

Which combination best serves your business, those you wish to serve, and the difference you’d like to make in the world?

Tip: If you’re a sustainable or cause-driven company that’s in business to make a difference, focus on making your work great, and leverage to get your message right.