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June 21, 2019     Daily Post

Documenting Greatness

Can achieving greatness be documented?

Can “any” sustainable or cause-driven company change the world?

Can we “follow the steps” to greatness?

We read the question and intuitively think, “Of course not, if it was that easy,  everyone would be great.”

And in there lies our first mistake:

We assume everyone will take action on what they learn.

…When they won’t.

Thanks to the Internet, we have access to as many documented paths to greatness as we could ever hope for.

Most don’t take the requisite action to materialize what is documented, though.  85-90% of people sign up for online courses that interest them–that they paid for–then drop out.

Why don’t people take action? We’ll get to that in a minute.

We assume many paths must surely be unique and inaccessible.

…When they aren’t.

For sure, they vary from one person to the next. No path is ever truly identical. But since greatness can be documented, there are no shortage of familiar, accessible paths to success and contribution available to us.

If it’s accessible and documentable, why isn’t everybody great?

I believe that everyone, deep down, wants to be great. To do something important, meaningful. To contribute.

But inertia kicks in. Fear kicks in. Culture kicks in.

Greatness can be documented. But it must be accompanied by great leadership to manifest. Within yourself. For the benefit for your cause-driven company, and for the benefit of those in your care.

Tip: To overcome inertia, fear, and cultural barriers, tell a better story. Create a better narrative. can help you make that happen.