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June 18, 2019     Daily Post


Sustainable businesses and info-businesses suffer massively from this.

What do you call a market imposter disguised as an entrepreneur?

Call them whatever you want; for this post we’ll call them an Impostepreneur.

  • Great teams see customers as people to serve and protect. Every need an opportunity, not a problem. It’s not about harassing leads about your “super-secret recipe”. Rather, it’s about serving those in your care from Day 1.
  • Great teams see their company itself as the product, not just what they sell. The experience they’ve prepared for the market is what counts, every bit as much as the souvenir the customer keeps at the end.
  • Great teams see the world as their oyster, full of bounty and potential, waiting for them to enhance the lives of those they wish to serve. Not a pit of problems that unceasingly stand in the way of a desired “easy day”.

Where’s your focus? Serving those in your care, or coercing people to buy a super-secret recipe?

Tip: You let the market know you’re different with the way you communicate with the market. can help you with that.