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June 15, 2019     Daily Post

The Secret To Sustainable Service

Is hidden in plain sight:

  • Most look at a problem through their own eyes. “How could they do this to us? They should take the blame.” But focusing on the needs of those we’re in business to serve…reveals the real solutions to our problems.
  • Many enter a conversation focused on themselves. “Will they like me? Will they be mean to me?” Focusing on them instead unlocks real conversation.
  • Most look at failure through their own eyes. “What must everyone think of me?” Usually, nobody saw and nobody remembers. Caring enough to look past your feeling and focus on the needs of those you’re in business to serve… that’s is where success lies.

Ethical businesses are empathic businesses. Bring that empathy to your work and your relationships. It changes everything.

Tip: This involves good communication skills. can help with that.