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June 03, 2019     Daily Post

The Secret To Being The Best

What’s the secret to being the best?

  • Know what you’re trying to be the best at. If you’re not even clear on what you want to be the best at, how on Earth can you refine the skill and become best at it? You can’t be the best at everything, so know your target.
  • Know who you want to be the best for. The whole world doesn’t need to think you’re the best. Rather, you should commit to serving your chosen tribe as well as you can. Being the best to them is enough.
  • Know why you want to be the best. If it’s for your pride, fine. But if it’s to make a difference in a market, community or industry, knowing that will be a driving contribution to your mindset, your state, your actions, and your outcomes.

You won’t be the best at everything for everyone. But you can be the best at something for those you wish to serve.

Tip: This specificity should manifest in your storytelling, messaging and marketing. can help make sure your audience is clear on why you’re best for them.