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May 29, 2019     Daily Post

The Paintbrush VS The Artist

Do you know which your market is looking for?

  • The market for a paintbrush is ready to try to create something themselves. It may be art, it may not be. A subset of the market may be persuaded to hire an artist, but they’re not yet ready. Others may never need an artist (they’re painting their walls).
  • The market for an artist doesn’t want a paintbrush. They’re buying your expression–your emotional labor–not your tools. They may not yet know the costs, but a paintbrush is a lousy down-sell for these folks because it doesn’t solve their problem.

A market looking for an artist won’t opt-in for a free paintbrush. Know your audience’s goal. When designing an offer to serve our market, we should remember to keep the focus on solving the problem at hand.

Tip: If you want to be sure your offer is good–and that your market knows it–check out for more.