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May 24, 2019     Daily Post

Why Business Is So Complex

Ever wish business were simpler?

  • If it were simple, that’d mean we don’t have many choices. We’d have a small, finite number of opportunities, which we could choose to take or leave…that everyone else was also doing. Simple is marginalized.
  • Because it’s difficult, that means that we do have choices. That we have a near-infinite number of alchemic possibilities for us to play with. Each combination unique, as we permit ourselves to explore the nuances of our creative potential.

It’s more difficult to build a business that matters than it could be. But it’s because we have so many choices available to us. It’s because we get to choose what to focus on.

So long as we focus on something.

What’s your focus?

Tip: Marketing messaging is very difficult to get right, because of the number of options available to us. Thankfully, has systemized getting this right.