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May 14, 2019     Daily Post

Pick A Pace Of Development

There are 3 paces of development. Which is yours?

  • ‘The norm’ makes us the same. If there’s a desire to maintain the status quo, or to achieve a result that matches the median of society, choose this option. Warning: this is the risky option. In the marketplace, there’s no safety in numbers.
  • ‘The difference’ makes all the difference. If there’s a vision to create something more substantial, such as a change in the market or culture, you must go beyond the norm. Warning: may be seen as not normal.
  • ‘The retreat’ makes us fall back from ‘The difference’ to ‘The norm’ regardless of if things are ‘working’ or not. Humans fight to maintain status, even if that means regressing from progress. Warning: not breaking this pattern means staying stuck.

Every morning, every project, ever meeting, every sales call, we have the opportunity to pick a pace of development. What will you choose?

Tip: Approaching the marketplace with the right message will help enable the difference we want to see in the world. can help you make that message.