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May 12, 2019     Daily Post

What To Do With Your Weaknesses

What do you do with your weaknesses?

  • Pretend you’re not: We can defiantly attempt–and fail–to cover up our flaws, thinking others won’t know our secret. They will. You’re doing nobody any favors.
  • Give yourself a chance: Here we can commit to learning and growing, if it’s something we should be stronger at. But we must be patient with ourselves; this can’t be combined with the first option.
  • Give it a chance: If it’s not something you should be doing, give it its own chance of success by releasing it to someone stronger than you. On your team, perhaps. We can’t be great at everything, after all, can we.

On our pursuit to create change, it can be all too easy to be all too hard on ourselves. Be kind. We need you.

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