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May 11, 2019     Daily Post

More Doesn’t Mean More

Does doing more make more results? There’s a better option to ‘more’:

  • More often means less: Running the same advert more. The same messaging more. Chasing more mediocre-quality leads for your business. Trying more marketing strategies because you’re “only one away.” These are all ‘more’, but do they really give you more?
  • Better often means more: Running a better advert. With better messaging. Pursuing better quality leads. Focusing on implementing the strategies you’re doing now–better–because you’re not “only one away”, the one you have now is probably in theory. These are all ‘better’, not ‘more’.

Doing more doesn’t give us more. But doing better makes us better. Are you committed to ‘more’, or ‘better’?

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#516: More Doesn’t Mean More