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May 10, 2019     Daily Post

A Service Worth Paying For

If you offer a product or service in the market, what makes it worth paying for?

  • Better results? This is a statistical advantage worth pursuing, but we’re emotional creatures, us humans. We care about more than results, as much as we’d like to think otherwise.
  • Better price? This is another statistical advantage, whether it means less–or more–expensive than its competition. With these, we’re still at the whims of what competitors choose to do in response.
  • Better narrative. This is the story that you–and we–tell ourselves about your work. Beyond results and price, the story we tell ourselves could be that your work is more worthy…more caring…more supportive…more prestigious…less dangerous…any number of things. These are the things that make a service worth paying for.

Results, price, experience, atmosphere, there are many things by which we can compare our work to others. But the area we have most control (and are least likely to focus on) is the story you–and we–tell ourselves about your work.

What narrative are you telling to the market?

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