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May 06, 2019     Daily Post

Empires Are Built On Simple Messages

What was every great empire built upon?

What one ingredient was present across every great empire?

Here it is: Empires Are Built On Simple Messages.

The messages that last are the messages we remember. Here’s an example:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness” – MLK. His message was one of heart and equal opportunity. Minorities and majorities alike needed a simple, clear message. MLK gave them one.

What’s your message? Have you made it simple enough to build an empire on?

Let’s look at more examples of messages that stood the test of time:

Who said this: “Never, never, never give up.”

Any ideas?

Of course, it was Winston Churchill? We know it when we hear it. His message was one of grit and fortitude. Great Britain needed a simple, clear message and Churchill gave her one.

Here’s another. “Just do it.”

Who said that?

Of course, it’s Nike. Their message is one designed to make people get up and exercise. They took a simple premise and personified it. People who want to just do it, wear Nike.

There aren’t many companies that communicate clearly and simply enough to achieve such awareness, adoption, and support. And there’s nothing stopping any company–yours included–from achieving similar results if they commit to a simple message, too.

However you decide to refine your message, remember: empires are built on simple messages.

Here’s a tip: builds simple messages that help any (good) company communicate in a way that enables them to stand out, sell better, and make more impact.