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May 02, 2019     Daily Post

You Can’t Make A Difference If You’re In Need

Did you know that the single biggest threat to your mission…is yourself?

  • If you’re in need, you can’t help others in need to the level of your potential. Air hostesses insist you put your own oxygen mask on first for a reason.
  • If your business is broken, it can’t help others to the level of its potential. If you can’t yet afford to support a cause and make an impact, it’s time to sort that out.
  • If your commitment doesn’t match your mission, the mission can’t succeed in the way you envision it. A $100m vision can’t be achieved on a $100k budget.

Difference makers are held to a higher standard. It’s your responsibility to improve yourself so you can improve the world.

Tip: If you want to stand out, and sell better so you can make your vision happen, go to and make it so.