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April 30, 2019     Daily Post

How To Make Things Happen

What does your company, and water, have in common?

It’s not the oft-celebrated-yet-normally-short-lived ‘hustle’ that makes things happen in our companies.

Rather, it’s the act of behaving like moving water:

So here’s the first point. A strong current pushes everything forward. Think about it. A strong current can power (or destroy) cities. It can carve a path through a mountain, right? When there’s an obstacle, it either finds a new path, or–over time–makes a way right through it. It’s not rushing. It’s not stressing. It just continues to flow.

So question number one: How could you mimic this behavior, and what would that do for your health, wealth, and impact?

Okay. Now conversely…

What happens without good leadership and good communication?

Well… without good leadership and good communication, we’re not like running water, we have no current, we’re more like sitting water. And like sitting water, this only creates stench and bacteria. Like sitting water, it settles into the lowest point. And that’s all in stark contrast to the creative–or destructive–power of a current, isn’t it?

So what can we learn from this.** When we’re doing important work, it’s our responsibility to be the current.** It creates change for our peers, our market, and our culture. Leave the sitting water approach for others.

Here’s a tip: Increasing your company’s communication skills through better marketing can transform your presence, sales, and impact – it’s your current. can help make that happen.