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April 29, 2019     Daily Post

Are You An “Up Down” Or A “Left Right” Company?

It sounds like a cheat code for a video game, but it’s actually something more profound.

Most businesses are “up down” when they should be “left right”:

  • The “up down” business mindset: For me to grow (up), you must shrink (down). For us to win in this market (up), you must lose (down). For you to have a success (up) is detrimental to our progress (down). Here there’s a regressive attitude of finite possibilities.
  • **The “left right” business mindset: **I’m going to grow (left), who’s with me (right)? I’ve spotted an opportunity to make a change in this industry (left), let’s make that change together (right). Here there’s an abundance of opportunity to collaborate and grow together.

All ships rise when we realize we can collaborate instead of tearing each other apart in the marketplace. What direction are you going in? Will it take you where you want to go?

Tip: This is addressed with the quality of our communication with our market. can help you stand out in the market.