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April 26, 2019     Daily Post

When More Effort Only Slows You Down

If you care about your work and your cause, the temptation is to do more, work more, push harder and move faster. Sometimes that’s a bad idea:

  • Energy exerted outside of your system is energy wasted: Any enthusiasm to go faster that doesn’t make the machine run better is only going to distract you and those around you. Too many good ideas at once will spoil your progress.
  • Working longer doesn’t mean working harder: As much as we’d like to think otherwise, grinding long hours usually reduces the quality of those hours. Critical thinking is usually the first to go.
  • Going deeper means losing the birds-eye view: You won’t know where to dig or why to dig there if you’re busy working away in the tunnel.

We should measure our day on the quality–not number–of hours worked. Good quality focused work is made from good quality focused time.

Tip: A little focus on saying the right things to your target audience goes a long way can help with that.