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December 16, 2017     Daily Post

Net Neutrality & Participation

Last week, the FCC ruled against Net Neutrality, America’s fight for freedom of information. ‘The land of the free’ now lacks freedom of information.

Fascism aside, netizens (that’s us) are partly to blame for this centralized control of information.

We collectively voted to give our data and attention to a select few sites and services. The majority vote went to consuming rather than creating, following instead of leading, and reducing our thinking to 140 characters or less.

Turns out shooting fish in an ocean is much more difficult than shooting fish in a barrel.

The beauty of the Internet is everybody has a voice. Everyone can publish to their own corner of the Internet–and lead change–if they choose to. By simply getting out of the barrel, change is not so easily blocked.

You have a voice and you have the tools, Net Neutrality or not. Will you use yours?