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April 21, 2019     Daily Post

Overthinking, The Silent Killer

Failure never stood a chance against the monster that is Overthinking.

It lulls us into a false sense of security that goes something like this:

  • This work needs to get done, because it’s important work. You wouldn’t be working on it if it wasn’t important…would you?
  • But it’s not finished, or so you think. And so you keep trucking–agonizing–over getting things done properly, at long last.
  • You’re probably the reason it’s not finished. If you’ve worked on this for any length of time, you may have gotten comfortable fighting the same fight.

Overthinking is fear: “Better the devil you know” is the silent killer of meaningful work.

(Tip: Some things will be the death of good companies if they don’t do it properly and put it out into the world. Things like good communication with their market. Use to get it right then move onto the next piece of your puzzle.)