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April 19, 2019     Daily Post

Why You Go The Extra Mile

“Going the extra mile” may sound cliché, but there are two scenarios where we find ourselves doing it. Which sounds like you?

  • Because you need it: This is when your team needs to sell more, so you go the extra mile in order to ensure a sale. This fire fizzles when the emergency is over, and contributes to a frenetic culture.
  • Because they need it: This is when your team recognizes a need in an audience it cares for, and strives to meet it regardless of pipeline or inventory. This fire grows in response to the number of people you serve.

When we go the extra mile for their benefit–instead of ours–they’ll feel it in your continuity of service and quality of output. Business benefits when its heart is in the right place.

(Tip: Service is first extended into the market by the way we communicate. is our way of making that happen.)