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April 13, 2019     Daily Post

“This might not work”

When we do work that matters, it’s important to remember, “this might not work”:

  • When looking for partners, we can extend camaraderie or desperation, depending on our relationship with this phrase. Are we okay with the risk, or are we looking for someone to assume the responsibility?
  • When looking for fellow team members, we can extend fellowship or fear, depending on our cultural alignment with this phrase. Do we all know the risks, have we all committed to do our bit?
  • When looking for customers or clients, we can extend scarcity or abundance, depending on our peace with this phrase. Do we believe there is plenty of business to go around, or do we sign up anyone regardless of fit just to get the money?

Risk and responsibility come with the act of doing work that matters. If we can’t embrace it, why do it at all?

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