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April 12, 2019     Daily Post

Avoid Perfection If You Want To Grow

What’s your goal for your work? Perfection? I hope not:

  • Perfect is a lie: A perfectly manicured hotel lounge or new-car-smell luxury car lease lulls you into thinking you’ve made it, it’s done, things are now perfect. If things are perfect, where can you go other than down?
  • Kintsugi is reality: The ancient tradition of filling flaws with gold is a reminder that we can improve things whenever we see opportunities for growth. Surrounding ourselves with imperfect things develops our vision for innovation.

It’s one of the beauties of cause-driven business: they’re designed to be Kintsugi artists, thanks to their pursuit of broken things.

Don’t blow it by getting too comfortable.

(Tip: An area most businesses need Kintsugi is in their communication skills. Bad communication skills break companies. You can fix that at