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April 07, 2019     Daily Post

Grow Your Vision By Staying In Your Element

But what’s your element?

Let’s look at some examples:

  • I’m in mine when I’m doing things such as designing systems to advocate for cause-driven companies. To me, it’s the ultimate leverage for social good. I’m good at it, and it energizes me. What are you good at that energizes you?
  • I’m not in mine when I accidentally get caught up keeping such systems running property. I’m not good at it, and it feels like a hindrance to things I’m great at. What do you do that inhibits you from ‘doing your thing’?

You’ll feel uncomfortable in your element because you’re pushing for growth. You’ll feel uncomfortable out of your element because you’re being held back from growth.

Follow the right kind of discomfort to stay in your element. The great work you’re contributing to will thank you for it, as will your future-self.

(Tip: I find good communication to be a challenge, but always leads to growth. gives good companies good communication)