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April 05, 2019     Daily Post

The Element Of Marketing That’s Stronger Than Desire

The desire for an item or solution is what we focus a lot of our attention on: does the prospect want it or not?

Cause-driven companies can go one step further:

  • If you really don’t want it, it being cheaper won’t change that. A no-name phone label can’t throw a 50% off sale and expect iPhone-like sales figures.
  • If you really want it, it being more expensive won’t change that. That’s why we’ll never see a new $499 iPhone release again – it’ll only lose luster.
  • If you really believe it, getting nothing in return won’t change that. That’s why charities can exist in the first place.

Your job is to communicate that shared belief everywhere you go, beyond simply building desire. It’s part of what makes your cause-driven operation so great.

(Tip: Communicating shared belief is hugely powerful when done right. will sort that right out.)