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January 28, 2018     Daily Post

A year in a month

What if we could condense a year of growth into a single month?

What would that empower you to do? I call this technique “YIAM Growth Challenge” – here’s how it works:

  1. Future: If your future self, one year from now, could send a message back to you today, what would the message be? What important lessons or techniques had you learned that had come to benefit you?
  2. Lesson: What’s the biggest lesson or teaching we can extract from that message so that we can focus in on it?
  3. Focus: How can we compress that lesson or teaching into a four-week growth challenge, condensing a year of unguided development into a month of focused growth?
  4. Steps: What steps would you need to take in that four-week period to ensure the growth took place?
  5. Partner: Who will keep you accountable to those steps?

How much advancement could you and your teammates create towards your important work, if you all committed to incorporating this discipline?

‘Team size’ x 12 = Total number of months condensed into one.

How about if you all did this every month for a full year?