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April 02, 2019     Daily Post

Success Without ‘The Root Of All Evil’

We know the quote, but it’s often a raw subject among the entrepreneurial.

Let’s fix that:

  • The quote, “The love of money is the root of all evil” cascades into modern society when we update the translation to simply “selfish people”. If money is the end-goal, it’s going to have to end up in your pocket, not somebody else’s, right?
  • Whereas, “The love of meaningful service is the root of all money” cascades into modern society as an alternative. If meaningful service is the goal, and money need not end up in your pocket, that suggests a selflessness that money is drawn to.

Money serves us in doing work that matters. To acquire it, simply keep your eyes on the work that matters.

Tip: Meaningful work and service can make all the difference. You can see how this works at