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474: Urgent Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

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Everyone’s got an urgent matter to attend to. Only yours is urgent to you, though, isn’t it?

  • AIDS only feels urgent if all your friends are dying from it. Yet it’s likely not as “urgent” for you as that important presentation you need to make next week. Seems odd in perspective, doesn’t it?
  • Your presentation only feels urgent if you’re the one responsible for it. Nobody else in that room will feel its urgency like you will. It may not matter to anyone at all in 3 months time. Seems odd in perspective, doesn’t it?

When placed side by side, we can deduce that one is much more of an urgent problem than the other.

Are you allowing the right things be “urgent” to you?

(Tip: Many “urgent” business problems can be solved with better market communication. can help solve that so you can focus on bigger problems.)


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