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March 29, 2019     Daily Post

Your Business Problem Is Probably One Of 2 Things

We think that problems come at us from all angles. They don’t. Usually they come from one of two places. For example:

  • ‘Not enough sales’: a communication or systems problem. Are we saying the wrong things to the wrong people, or is our system flawed?
  • ‘Not enough customer satisfaction’: same again. Are we not communicating the value of our work, or is our system flawed?
  • ‘Not enough imp act with our work’: same again. Are we not connecting with the right people and saying the right things, or is our system for creating that impact flawed?

Your next business problem will probably be a communication or a systems problem. How much energy do you invest in those areas?

(Tip: For the communication side of things, will help you sort that right out.)