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March 27, 2019     Daily Post

How Our Beliefs Affect Our Results

Does what we believe about a situation, such as a sales conversation or a social issue we want to solve, affect the outcome?

In many ways, yes, thanks to all the ways we humans communicate that we don’t control:

  • If you expect your problem to perpetuate, be it a sale you think will fail or a deal you think you can’t make, others will smell that all over you. Your words may be perfect, but your lack of belief will be contagious.
  • If you believe your problem will be solved, be it that sale, that deal, a systems problem or a social issue, others will smell that all over you, if you’ve reason to believe beyond that of a hope and a prayer. Your belief will be contagious.

We wouldn’t be able to deliberately control things like eye contact, humor, familiarity, mirroring and disclosure all at once, all of the time. But if we genuinely believe in our work–if we commit to doing the best work of our lives–then we don’t have to.

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