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March 26, 2019     Daily Post

You Are Not Your Failures

Being in business to make an impact is a hard, hard road. Cause-driven companies shoulder more burdens than any other entity in the market. Consider this a short reminder:

  • A soiled $20 is still $20. The value doesn’t decrease just because it’s been in circulation for a long time. Your harsh lessons learned are still lessons learned. If you didn’t ignore them as do many do, you’ve grown.
  • A fine wine is fine because it’s old. The value increased just because it’s been around for a long time. Your skills aren’t what they were 6 months ago. If you look back and cringe, celebrate: you’ve grown.

Growth is a decision, just as taking responsibility for a good cause is. Ours is a hard road. You are not your failures.

Tip: If standing out in your market is one of your trials, might be able to help you grow, too.