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March 16, 2019     Daily Post

Why prospects ask so many questions

It’s not because they need lots of information. It’s because of them, and you:

  • You don’t know what to say: If you’re unsure how the industry works or you’re not clear on how someone does something, you’ll ask more questions.
  • You don’t feel confident: If you’re not confident in your own decision-making ability, you’ll avoid making a decision by asking more questions.
  • You’re not being led: If who you’re talking to isn’t leading the conversation, you’re left to lead. So you’ll ask more questions.

What if you empowered them to understand the process, the criteria, and the lingo? What if you led those you wish to serve before the ‘Yes’?

(Tip: these factors are addressed with better communication. can help you communicate better with your audience.)