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March 15, 2019     Daily Post

Protecting The Market From Bad Alternatives

Your market probably has a lot of mediocrity in it. That’s your problem now:

  • Most should be worse: If you’re able to deliver an elevated experience and greater difference, and you’re cause-driven, you’re probably among the best in your space. If you’re not, that’s another problem entirely.
  • Set the criteria: If they choose you or not, they should at least know what the right buying criteria is. Providing that to them is your fiduciary responsibility if they go elsewhere, and a comfort that you look after their best interests.
  • Be there: Where they are, regardless of whether you like where that is. Otherwise your protection won’t affect them, and you’ll have willfully allowed them to be taken advantage of by lesser alternatives.

It’s our responsibility to share the full buying criteria with those we wish to serve, so they can proceed with their eyes open, whoever they choose. The act of doing just so happens to position you as even more valuable.

(Tip: these factors are addressed with better communication. can help you communicate better with your audience.)