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March 14, 2019     Daily Post

Our Expectations Break Our Progress

When we build things, we give them form: structure and expectation.

What if we gave them neither of these things?

  • When your ad campaign fails, it‘s because of the form you gave it. Lose the form and it’ll take the form of your audience, through lots of small ongoing tweaks.
  • When product sales aren’t up, it‘s because of the form you gave them. Lose the form and you’ll reach the numbers through listening to what your audience needs.

It’s an abstract concept, but letting our work be formless–void of any structure or expectation that doesn’t focus on pursuing your audience–is the fastest route to better acquisition, service, and retention.

Or, as Bruce Lee would say, “Be like water.”

(Tip: audience-centric communication is hard, but totally worth it. Take a peek at to get help with that.)​

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