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March 13, 2019     Daily Post

Why Personal Branding Is Overrated For Meaningful Companies?

Personal branding is wonderful for creating reach for your team’s work. Entire empires have been build upon them.

But if you want to build a living legacy, for those you serve and those you serve alongside, what happens when you die? When your name becomes a distant memory, and your insights become old-hat?

Your work stops. All because you were careless enough to die without a legacy plan. So, what’s a legacy plan?

  • Your death means nothing to anyone but your closest family and friends. The best one can hope for is one news cycle. If your work is important, it deserves better than to die with you.
  • Your work lives on when you have a legacy plan, not to survive, but to thrive beyond what it ever did during your lifetime. Your passing is inconsequential to the work you started.
  • Prepare for that scenario to be a sure-thing.

It’s not about you. It’s about the problems you solve and those you solve them for. Have a legacy plan.