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January 25, 2018     Daily Post

For better for better

We’ve talked about how rare great teams seem to be. We’ve built fortifying walls together in defense of these teams.

How should we respond to that?

  • It’s never OK: Someone or some people are making or have made sacrifices to make your team possible. Challenge: Sacrifice ‘OK’ and bring your ‘Very Best.’
  • Have safe success: Someone or some people are investing or have invested in creating a safe corner of the marketplace for you to bring your best. Challenge: be invested in the team’s success.
  • (I’m)possible: Someone or some people are unwilling to give up on making your team’s mission a possibility. Challenge: be equally as unwilling to give up on that mission.

A team that only brings the very best, invests in their success, and won’t give up on their cause, is a team that wins.

The alternative to a team committed to success like this isn’t a team I’d want to belong to. You?