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March 04, 2019     Daily Post

The Market Makes Us Indecisive

Most of the problems facing our important work is caused by inertia. Our inboxes are a great example of this:

  • We request emails we don’t read. Not because we’re aren’t interested, but because we think we’re too busy to read them. So we decide to “read it later.” So email apps start offering Snooze features that perpetuates our problem.
  • If we have a problem and the sender has our trust, we often lack the decisiveness to act on it and get our problems solved. We perpetuate our own problems due to inertia.
  • If we don’t have a problem or the sender lacks our trust, we could take action by simply unsubscribing…yet inertia lets them continue to roll in.

Taking back our ability to decide enables us to escape many of the problems we face daily. Alternatively, we can continue to be mastered by inertia.