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January 24, 2018     Daily Post

Internal opinion

A good friend shared an interesting dilemma today.

His team needs to hear something from an outside source for it to gain any traction. Translation: his insights and opinions are often undermined because he’s on the same team.

If it sounds backward, it is, but it’s also common. Let’s address that today:

  • Scenario 1: Someone has important skills or insights your team doesn’t. Solution: Bring them in, you might need them. They may become valuable partners and an extension of your team.
  • Scenario 2: Someone shares important skills with your team, but has a different approach. Solution: Invite them to share their way, and share yours–you should always be learning. But it’s a different approach, not gospel: your team’s opinions come first.
  • Scenario 3: Someone shares important skills with your team, and has the same approach. Solution: Invite them to share their experiences, and share yours–you may be able to learn together. But it’s just another way, not gospel:  your team’s opinions come first.

None of the above gives external opinions more weight than the opinions of team members. Consider these three scenarios whenever an external opinion or internal recommendation is made.

Not doing so is harmful enough to be worth my friend’s time sharing.