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February 22, 2019     Daily Post

Serving The Market ‘In Haste’ vs ‘In Taste’

When we first get in touch with someone we can serve, we get to serve in one of two ways:

  • Serving in haste: Trying to prove ourselves on a ‘discovery call’ so that the prospect will pay to see more of what we’ve got. This crass marginalization of our work–suggesting their problem can be addressed in under an hour, for free–is part of what’s holding our work back.
  • Serving in taste: Honoring those we want to serve by listening to their problems–instead of trying to dazzle them with knowledge–allows for diagnosis instead of treatment. Diagnosis is supposed to come before treatment, isn’t it? Perhaps your caring skills, not your closing skills, are what matter here.

You may need a sale before you can do your great work. But by serving in taste, you’ll give those you wish to serve the appetite for a solution.