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February 19, 2019     Daily Post

The Scrollable Web

Remember when we used to search on Google then click around on websites?

Ever noticed how much less you do that now?

  • We have new homes. Google is our old home. Instagram (and its brethren) is home now. It knows us, it asks less of us, and it’s more enjoyable than our old home ever was.
  • We don’t search or click now. We scroll. And scroll. We slow down when we see something worth slowing down for. We click only when we can’t not click.
  • And it’s still changing. We want our new homes to know what we want and give it to us without us telling it. We can thank social platforms for making this possible, as they help us make the scrollable web more intimate.

Yet most of us still aren’t ready for our new home. We still buy all our furniture for our old homes. Why?