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February 03, 2019     Daily Post

We Are What We Are

This is particularly important to appreciate if we’re doing important work (and if you’re reading this, that’s probably the case).

We are what we do repeatedly, whether we like it or not:

  • Procrastinate? Then we’re a procrastinator. Our teams probably know it already, but we may not have admitted it to ourselves yet. Our work can’t grow under those conditions.
  • Avoid hard things? Then that’s what we do, there’s no sense telling ourselves otherwise. It’s our biggest roadblock to creating change, if true.
  • Or do we change bad habits? Then that’s a part of us. If we can pick either of the above and stop it, this is a part of what we are.

We just need to be real with ourselves about what we are. That–in itself–is a transformative gift to our work and our cause.