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January 21, 2018     Daily Post


Great teams are either in high demand or are about to be in high demand. Could over-availability stunt such a teams’ momentum?

  • Apply vs Buy: “Buy” suggests instant access for all. “Apply” suggests an opportunity to qualify each other. Over-available teams are at less risk of ever needing a waiting list because they’re happy to dilute their work by instead being all things to all people.
  • Qualify vs Preapproved: Upon application, some potential buyers may want to proceed, but may not be a good fit for your team. Over-available teams may say “Yes” in order to make payroll. “Close enough.” Great teams know how that’ll dilute their attention from doing their best work.

As with being over-flexible, there’s a fine line between being available and over-available, and every team must determine together where that line is.

Where’s yours?