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January 23, 2019     Daily Post

Avoiding Pain, Business Edition

“The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain.” – Aristotle

This one’s for the gurus:

  • On breaking it: Most of us haven’t been in business long enough to experience the economy correct itself in a severe way. When it does, the pursuit of pleasure pales in value compared to avoiding pain.
  • On faking it: Parading faux-wealth in the marketplace will only impress you, not those you’re trying to deceive. Masking your insecurities will cost you the financial buffer you’ll need when the storms come.
  • On surviving it: The inevitable market recessions will correct themselves–in part–by drowning those who were taking advantage, as nature would have it. The fakers will go quiet.

We owe it to those we serve, and those we serve alongside, to avoid pain on their behalf so that we can all live to fight another day.