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January 21, 2019     Daily Post

Caring For Your Industry

I drove for one hour today. In that one hour I saw:

  • Three near-miss encounters, one of which I was involved in. When someone’s attitude is, “I’ll get mine, to heck with everyone else”, accidents occur.
  • Two mattresses on the sidewalk, presumably thrown off the back of a truck. When someone’s attitude is, “This suits me just fine, others can get over it”, our environment becomes a mess.
  • Our industries are no different; whether it’s online marketers building a collective reputation for being slimy, or lawn care vendors for being flakey, our actions dictate the state of our industry.

Our competitors are also our comrades: it’s our responsibility to care for our industry since the customer experience begins as soon as they start their search. Are you making your industry a nice place to visit?