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January 15, 2018     Daily Post

Team first

Does your next project excite you or stress you out?

Great teams optimize their work to create leading products and services that create a lasting impact. The answer to the question above determines whether or not this is a possibility for them.

Consider the trade-offs of a team that falls into the latter bucket:

  • Fastest turn-around time at the expense of everyone feeling worn down. Would a team that feels ‘ready to roll’, rather than aching for a vacation, not create a better result?
  • Cheapest option around at the expense of not supporting the team and their families. Would a team that focuses on doing great work, rather than worrying about the bills, not create a better result?

Interestingly, great teams often wind up offering projects their time and their speed for the love of what they do and who they get to do it with.

For customers, “made by a happy team” is the ‘feature’ worth buying.