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October 23, 2018     Daily Post

One day your company will be gone

We don’t like to think about it when things are going great.

But one day, it’ll be dead. Either due to a market correction, being too slow to market, becoming obsolete, bad changes in leadership, or something else. All things come to an end, eventually.

  • How can our work live a long life? If it’s worthy of a long life, it’s worth remembering what that reason is every day we’re fortunate enough to do this work. Otherwise, we risk drifting and squandering this opportunity.
  • How can we make the time it has as valuable as possible? It’s short–finite–make the most of it. Make decisions in light of the fact it’s short, from what products to build and markets to serve, to what clients you’ll accept.
  • What will it leave behind? What happens when it’s all over? What impression will your work leave behind? It’s worth asking ourselves the question in every project, “Is this moving us closer to making that happen?”

Clock’s ticking.