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October 22, 2018     Daily Post

Toiling without force

How many times a month do you rush at work?

The greatest works of nature weren’t rushed. Yet we believe we should:

  • The best-growing businesses to work with don’t force deals and sales, nor do they force growth beyond that which is healthy for long-term success. They simply focus on being the best option to work with. They toil without force.
  • The best teams to belong to don’t go on hiring sprees and rush to fill slots. They simply let their culture grow naturally, each addition thoughtfully considered, resulting in a team worth belonging to. They toil together, without force.
  • The tallest tree in the rainforest got that way not by forcing it, but by maximizing on its opportunity to reach the most light. It just grew, without force.

Most things in life and business don’t benefit from adding force or strain in the long run. We should take a leaf out of nature’s book and toil without force.