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January 10, 2018     Daily Post

Stable work

Work. Career. Mission. Which do you have?

  • Work: ‘Doing as we’re told, for a while, for money.’
  • Career: ‘Doing as we’re told, for a while longer, for money.’
  • Mission: ‘Breaking the rules, indefinitely, because it’s right.’

Unless you’re a doctor, doing as we’re told works only up to a point, now that the world rewards rule-breakers. Ironically, from that volatility comes the greatest stability.

We assume the world will stay the same. That, in five years time, we’ll type on laptops, search on Google, and your company will survive using today’s tactics.

If your team is on a mission to change the status quo, that gives you an opportunity to be remarkable, indispensable, and supported in your efforts.

It’s either that or doing as you’re told for just a little while longer.