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December 14, 2017     Daily Post

The 2 types of sales person (and the 3 stages of sales)

“Sales is about turning “I’ve never heard of it” into “no” and then into “yes”. – Seth Godin

Sales is a game that belongs to two types of people:

  1. Passionate servant-hearted coaches,
  2. Scoundrels for hire.

The latter’s the one with the reputation. Coaches will try to serve you if you’re a fit. They’ll push for maximum value and service for the lowest possible risk, as an act of service.

They’ll get you to–and through–the “no” because they empathize with you, and understand it’s their job to advocate change for you.

These are people you want to know. You want to buy what they’re selling because if they’re calling, your life is about to get much better.

The scoundrels, on the other hand, will sell anything to anyone to make a buck. They call when you know (as do they) that it’s not a good fit for you. They’ll pressure and coerce you rather than trying to help and serve you. They aren’t on your side.

These are who call our phones multiple times a day from different numbers, trying to peddle unrelated wares that we’re never going to be interested in.

If you want to know more servant-hearted coaches eager to help you forward at no cost to you, read on.

##Stage 1: Never heard of it

This is most people, most of the time. This is part of why these 3 stages exist: to make you aware if you’re a good fit.

And you’ll never know if you’re a good fit until you engage with either 2 or 3 of these stages, right?

When you receive an email, ad or call from somebody in sales, you’ll be able to tell within seconds which type of person you’ve got on the other side of the interaction.

If you feel like you’re being interviewed… coach. These are rare. If you feel like you’re being ‘sold’… hang up. These are very common.

A servant-hearted coach wants to make you aware because it might be a way to level you up. And if it isn’t, they won’t let you past Stage 2.

##Stage 2: No

Everyone has to go through this stage. Because it’s the second stage of sales, and because everybody’s so afraid of it, no wonder people think sales is so difficult.

Except for the servant-hearted coaches, and the scoundrels for hire.

The coach understands you need to go through ‘no’. But they go further:

They’re “no” about you, too. They’re going through the 3 stages with you.

Until they see a clear path to growth for you, and that the path includes what you’re talking about, they won’t let you past Stage 2.

The scoundrels will either blast right through ‘no’ with scripted rebuttals, or they’ll hang up so their automatic dialer can issue them some fresh meat.

##Stage 3: Yes

This is where magic happens. Or when time, money, and opportunity is wasted.

The coach will have equipped you with something to help you grow. And they’ll make sure you get maximum results.

The scoundrel will collect your credit card details and run.

If you’re going to move to Stage 3, you need to be certain you’re not talking to the scoundrel. If in doubt, don’t proceed. The coach will help you move forward in your timing.

But when you’re sure, don’t just say ‘yes’ to the product or service available to you. Say ‘yes’ to the servant-hearted coach: this is somebody you should have on speed-dial.

How many times do you encounter somebody who will genuinely accelerate you toward your goals?

Sales can be a great experience for both parties. It can feel scary–like rescuing somebody from a burning building–but it makes lives better…like rescuing somebody from a burning building.

Know a good salesperson? Call them–see how they can make your life better next.