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January 09, 2018     Daily Post

Paint your engine red

I don’t know much about cars. When Ferrari releases under-the-hood photos of a new vehicle, I’ve little idea of what I’m looking at. But it looks good.

Under the hood, most of us wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Ferarri’s latest and that of an economy-class vehicle… were it not for the presentation. Shiny, symmetrical, considered, cared for, and painted red.

Open the hood of your work. What do we see?

  • Care: Can I tell how much you do? Is it blackened with dirt, assuming it doesn’t really matter? If you don’t care, why should anybody else?
  • Red: Is yours, under the hood? There’s no need for it to be; engineers did it for the love of their craft. People who love their work do good work. Can I tell how much you love your work?

Most daren’t show under the hood of their work. Don’t just show it. Paint it red.