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September 20, 2018     Daily Post

The marketplace needs your permission

Last May, we talked about how we already have permission.

It’s ours to give away. What does “giving permission” mean in the marketplace?

  • Permission to make the wrong decision. Now they can say ‘Yes’ to you and risk being wrong (you’ll let them know & let them go). Otherwise, they may risk saying ‘Yes’ to someone else and be stuck (with something that’s not for them).
  • Permission to make mistakes. Now they can be guided through mistakes (by you) rather than suffering the consequences (by someone who cares more about the check than helping people).
  • Permission to be greater than they believed. Now they can make bigger, better decisions (because you raised them to it) rather than limiting themselves to marginal, fractional ones (because no one else told them they’re good enough).

You have permission. You can give it to whom you please. Will you?